Mezoo V2.0 Website Update: May 2014


Mezoo V2.0 Website Update: May 2014/highlight]

  • Less clutter, more white space, for a better UX experience.

  • New logo and identity.

  • Built on the latest tech : html 5 and CSS 3 with bootstrap for responsive

  • Improved login and account section. Better options to change address & edit your order, so you are in control of your purchase.

  • More high-res photography – gives a better feel of what we do / see the canvas in more detail 

  • Improved menu structure





You asked for it, we gave it to you.  Better help & more information on what you need to know. FAQs, product pages, comprehensive FAQs at checkout. And a new knowledge base so you can find an answer to your question easily:



Comprehensive help with the apps. giving you as a user a much closer look into how to refind what you are designing.  Plus tips and tricks !!



New Article Section

See, allows you to find the help that you are looking for easily.


Responsive Design

An improvement on the last site, now 100% responsive, no bugs.  tried and tested on all devices, So you can create your artwork with no problems. 


Streamlined into one page.  To include worldpay for all credit / debit cards ( pending ). with direct assistance.


New Apps
We are now offering canvas media with our new collage / framed apps.

Also check out the new

Lichtenstein app: