Tutorial on the Lichtenstein App


Tutorial: Lichtenstein App

Our brand new Lichtenstein App uses advanced algorithms to recreate the techniques employed by Roy Lichtenstein.

First, it overexposes the image to create a simplified version of the image. Then it breaks these tones down into layers & applies advanced image rendering techniques to create the design “on the fly” – or in real time. We have been in the art and printing business for over 9 years and we traditionally designed our custom pop art creations by hand, using Photoshop and other industry standard tools. The culmination of our experience and all the hard work put into coding this app passes the ultimate advantage over to you: it puts you in sole control of creating your own personal, perfect piece of art. ( If you don’t know what you want, the “Shuffle” button is all you need if you want us to choose for you! ) Utilising all of our extensive knowledge, whilst giving you the ability to make unlimited number of changes in real time, and preview, proof and approve all in one go – the pop art app is available to you right now, 24 /7. – for you to design, redesign, proof, approve and buy your piece, whenever and wherever you want.

Lets talk though how to design your first piece using the Lichtenstein App

[tagline_box link=”https://mezoo.co.uk/effectlichtenstein” linktarget=”” button=”Use the App Now !” title=”The New Lichtenstein App” description=””][/tagline_box] For the number of levels, you can control this with the”contrast” filter.

“skin” gives you more control over how much facial skin colour is show. The higher the number, the more pink skin tones will be prominent.

Here is an example of lower skin number:

low skin

Here is an example of a higher skin number:


“dot size” controls the dot or line size. The larger the number, the larger the dot or line.

Here is an example of low number dot size:


Here is an example of  large number dot size:


“styles” gives you full control over the style of dots or lines rendered in your design.

There are four types of styles, Solid, Dots, Stripes1 + Stripes2.

Solid changes the skin all to one colour, Dots changes the skin to all dots, Stripes1 changes the skin to stripes going left to right and Stripes2 changes the skin to stripes going right to left.

Here is an example of Solid:



Here is an example of stripes1:


Here is an example of stripes2:


Please note – these apps are all HTML based, and use the latest HTML 5 / CSS 3 and Image Magik. For best user expereince, you would be advised to use an up to date browser on a desktop machine. ( Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are not supported ). We recommend Chrome / Firefox, although any up to date browser will work. Most tablets are tested, designing on a phone is not advisable.