How to use MyPop by Mezoo


MeZoo is proud to be able a unique pop art app – Mypop which allows you to personalise your images with a variety of pop art effects.

The app puts you in complete control of designing your pop art print. Choose your colours, effects and many more editing options to create a piece that is individual and designed entirely by you.


Start by visiting the app and click “start now”.


Select the effect that you would like to have on your photo.


Choose your perfect pop art image, and select “upload”. For optimal results, select a photo with little or no background, as this will bring more attention to the foreground and will create a better result.


Use the shuffle button for random design ideas.


If you would like specific colours, click on a colour box in the colour menu down the right-hand side, and change it using the colour picker.


Use the width and height to choose the number of tiles. Please note, that the output size is a square. So, the width and height will always be equal. If you want 4 x 4 tiles, select width 4 and height 4. If you wish to have just one tile, choose width 1 and height 1.


Spacing (%) – this will add white spacing between the pictures, in the classic Andy Warhol style! The higher the number, the larger the spacing. If you have a busy picture, you can break it up with larger spacing.


Transparency – this will make the pop art transparent – so that you can see the original picture underneath. The higher the number, the more of the original picture you can see.


Blur – this will blur the art. You can use this if you wish for a more ‘abstract’ finish.


Contrast – this will deepen the design. The higher the number, the more you will see the dark tones.


Once you are happy with your design, click “select this design”. Please note, you will need to select the image within 5 minutes from uploading.


On the product page, select the finish (i.e. frames etc). If you wish to have your order without additional costs, select classic frame (available in either black or white), economy canvas, and “no thanks” to the protective lacquer.


Add to the cart, and then at the checkout, you can click “apply voucher”.


Proceed to checkout, complete the address details and “confirm the order”.


Complete the PayPal payment method, and confirm.







1000x600-pop4 1000x600-pop5