How to update your rooms on a budget


How to update your rooms on a budget

Updating your rooms on a budget may sound daunting, but really it’s not! There are loads of fun, quick and easy ways to add new additions to transform your home for a small cost, all while keeping on trend for the season.

The easiest and cheapest way to update your room? Art! It’s a really quick and simple way to update your rooms with minimal effort – what’s not to love about that?



Having pieces of art in your home creates focal points and statements. Something subtle in living areas and something old and classic in open halls which can completely change a bland and boring wall. If hanging art in the kitchen, make sure it is hung far away from food, steam and cooking ingredients!

Other ways to update your rooms without going to the effort and expense of completely re-decorating are:


  1. Framing left over pieces of material from cushions, curtains or carpets. Textured fabrics look great as framed statement pieces on the wall!
  2. Lighting – just by changing a light shade to something modern and contemporary you can add a bit of ‘wow -factor’ to a room.
  3. Use rugs and mats to add a warm, cosy feel to a room during winter and take it away to lighten the room during summer. Why not add a coloured or patterned rug for a fresh new colour or texture?
  4. Use life -like greenery – you don’t need to remember to water them, they can be easily moved to another space and last a lifetime!
  5. Use everyday household items such as a tin can, ruler or map for a unique and quirky addition to your home – which no one else will have! For inspiration, look here –
  6. Adding cushions – chose a colour scheme for your room that will fit winter and summer and use cushions to update your room to fit within the seasons. Add cushions with a pop of colour and pattern to a room in summer and fluffy, textured cushions to a room for a homely, snug to keep the chill out during the colder months, brrrrrrr!


Romantic interior with blue couch near empty white wall. 3d render.

So, we hope that we have now provided you with plenty of new and exciting ideas on how you can keep right on trend without going to the expense of updating the furniture, the ornaments, the curtains, the carpet, the cushions and most importantly without wasting your time choosing a perfect colour, painting the walls and that dreaded ceiling!