Tutorial: How to use the photo editing app.


Lets talk through how to design your first piece using the photo editing app.

You can start by going on ‘Start designing’ then choosing if you would like a ‘giclee’ print or a ‘canvas’ print. Once you have that figured out click ‘Start now’.

After you have made your choice, you will be asked some options, if you would like a ‘Framed’ or ‘Paper’, and If you would like to ‘Lacquer’ your art. When you have made your choice, You can then upload your image by clicking on ‘Upload photo’.

Then when you have found the photo that you would like to use upload it.

Now that you have uploaded your image, you will be prompted to crop your image down until it fits into the square.


You will be able to edit it using a range of tools like effects, frames, stickers, focus, warmth, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharp, draw, text, red-eye, whiten and blemish.

Below are pictures edited using the photo editing app.

These are some examples of the effects,


This is done using ‘Sharpness’ as you can see by the image the lower that you put the bar the blurrier it will get.



This is done using the stickers, as you can see you can choose from a whole range of designs and drag them to your image creating a fun image.



This is done using saturation.  Use this effect to pull all colour out of an image- or conversely intensify the brightness of a chosen image. As you can see the lower the bar is put, the more colour that it takes out of the image, and the higher up the bar is, the more colour will be added to the image.

over saturation


This is done using draw. Use this effect to creatively draw on your image, you can change the setting such as brush size, brush colour and if you make a mistake you can always erase it.


All done

Once you have created your perfect piece and are happy with it, click ‘Save’ at the top. Then ‘add to ‘shopping bag’. Then fill out all the details and wait for your print to reach you.


Start Designing Now!

Start Designing Now!