How to create a collage piece.


How to design your first collage piece.

Lets start at the homepage. To get to the collage app, put your mouse over ‘Start designing!’. Then choose whether you would like a ‘Giclee print’ or a ‘Canvas print’. After you have decided, click ‘Start now’. 

start now

You will then be re-directed to the collage app page, What you want to do next is decide whether you would like a ‘Paper Print’ or a ‘Framed Print’.

Then click ‘upload photo’. This will start allowing you to upload your images. You can upload images using different methods,

  • From your computer

  • Using the web

  • Or through social media websites such as Dropbox, Flickr and Google Drive.

Now that you have uploaded images if you decide that you would like to remove some that can easily be done by just crossing them or if you decide that you would like to start new you can just choose clear all.


You will then be directed to app where you can start editing the design of your collage changing features like:

  • Sizing/Spacing – Put space in-between your images

  • Sizing/Number of photos – Removes duplicate images

  • Background – Change the background colour of your collage

  • Border – Put a border around your images, allows you to change the colour

  • Rotation – Rotate your images

  • Shadow – Add a Shadow to your image

  • Text – Put your collage in the shape of a letter or a word. 


All Done 

Once you are happy with your collage design, save it and that will confirm your image for printing.’Add to shopping bag’ then follow the on screen instructions to finalise and pay for your order.


Start Designing Now!

Start Designing Now!