General FAQs

Here we will try to address some of our frequently asked questions.

My voucher code does not work.

All vouchers should be live on the website as soon as it is purchased. Please make sure that you have copied and pasted the voucher code without any spaces at the front or behind the code. If you have typed the code in manually, be sure not to confuse zeros with the letter o.

Please use the voucher redemption code and not the security code.

How do I use my voucher?

Once you have purchased your voucher, your voucher is valid immediately. Your voucher is valid sitewide, so if you want to upgrade the product, you can add your selection to the basket and simply pay the extra.

After you have added the product to the basket, you can proceed to checkout and enter the voucher code on the checkout page.

The amount of your voucher will then be deducted from your total order. Shipping is added following the code deduction.

Shipping is £5.95 for UK mainland and £7.95 for everywhere else in the world.

What is the current delivery time?

Typically, we dispatch orders within seven working days.  All art is made lovingly by hand in our studio in Leicester, UK. So, please be patient! This may increase at peak times.

From this point, we aim to have your art delivered within 9 days for UK mainland, and up to 20 days for overseas delivery.

If you have any impending deadlines, please let us know when you order. We will do our best to hit them! In general, please order early to avoid disappointment.

Can I use multiple vouchers in one transaction?

Unfortunately, our systems recognize every voucher as a separate order, so it is not possible to use more than one voucher at once. This means there must be one voucher per transaction.

My images keep duplicating – how can I remove them?

If your images keep duplicating, not to worry – this is easy to fix!

Once you have uploaded your pictures:
  • Please click the side link called “sizing”. There will be a box at the bottom with a default number in.
  • Please change the number to a number of pictures that you have uploaded, and this will remove the duplicated images.
If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting our customer service team, who will happily help.

What is art glass?

Art glass is a protective plastic glass alternative to ensure that your art is protected. Please note that art glass is not glass, as we aren’t allowed to ship glass overseas.

If you have more questions, please check out the following article:

I have been overcharged!

You could have selected the extras when ordering
If you wish to order without any extras, please follow the following steps:

1) Select the size of the print that matches your voucher.
2) Select the classic black or white frame.
3) Choose the economy paper.
4) Click “No thanks – I’ll risk it” to the protective glass.
5) Click “No thanks” to the mount board.

That will avoid all of the extra costs.

Last updated: 10/05/2017