Decorating your home for the winter


It’s getting colder outside and winter is definitely on its way.  Have you thought about your choice of home décor for the chilly, winter months?  It doesn’t take hundreds of pounds or hours of effort to transform your summery home into a cosy den for the colder parts of the year.

Here at Mezoo, we cannot wait to spice up our homes just in time for the frosty period to join us, and we thought that sharing a few useful tips to make your home cosy and warm for winter is the least that we could do!

As the shorter day’s dawn on us, it is important to maximise the natural light. To do this, use neutral and soft colours for walls and furnishings and add accessories such as mirrors and glass to reflect light and bring the last of the sunshine into your home. Light shades and wintery chandeliers can also make a difference in reflecting light and transforming a room.


 The use of texture in a home through thick rugs, pillows, furniture, curtains or cosy cushions can make a room feel snug and homely and add a retro feel which is perfect for winter.  Curtains are also great for blocking out the icy winter draughts and can be a statement piece in a room. Fluffy rugs or sheepskin creates a fabulously toasty underfoot warmth.

Ahhhhh, the heat from a roaring fire! What could be better! Open fires are perfect for this season. Use mirrors and ornaments to make the hearth the centre piece in a room and turn furniture inwards to create a homely space.


And, as Christmas draws nearer, swap your summer floral prints for Art work of past Christmas’ or snow filled family days and why not decorate your home with some vintage Christmas items such as ice skates or sledges, hang over sized icicles or add cushions or throws in a soft, plush material for a ultimate frosty touch?!

It is not just about how your home looks but how it ignites the senses: smells and feels. Scents of the season such as cinnamon, pine needles and evergreen are bound to fill your home with seasonal scent and cheer.