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All the tools you’ll need for the perfect collage print.

We have all the editing tools you’ll need to create that special gift.   Our app contains all the features you need to merge, resize, adjust, space, blur and add effects to your collage. Add up to a 100 (we recommend 20-25) of your priceless memories to create a custom collage.

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Customer Reviews

  • I recently ordered a canvas from the guys for my boyfriends birthday- he loves it! You've done a great job and it looks fantastic in our living room. Really really pleased with it.
  • On the 13th Jan I bought a groupon for a personalised canvas with a frame for £8.95 and I knew I had to pay £5.95 for delivery so it was a great price compared to the selling price on the website. Selecting, editing and cropping the pictures was really easy and took seconds. My groupon voucher went through with no issues and within 10 days my new framed canvasses had arrived. I absolutely love them they are high quality (even though I purchased the cheapest ones possible) and with the command strips they are right near my front door. I have since purchased more vouchers for these and some of my friends have bought some too. I know there are a lot of negative reviews here but I certainly had a great experience with this company. If my newly placed orders don't arrive I will come back and update 🙂
  • I would like to say that I am so impressed with not only the excellent customer service but with a lovely quality product. I recently ordered 8 heart canvas prints purchased via groupon and at such an affordable price I have to be honest I didn't hold out much hope on quality but I am so pleased with the end result and such a lovely way to showcase a number of photos in one frame. I can imagine how hard the team at Mezoo have been working since the groupon deal was introduced so a big well done to all. Worth every penny and more. Thank you
  • Great customer service from start to finish. I was not sure which of my photographs would work with the art effects and asked for some help. They were great at advising on which photographs would work well. Once the artwork was agreed I received it really quickly. I am really impressed with the quality of the work and also their really helpful customer service. Thank You.
  • I've just come back from holiday and I would just like to thank them so much for the canvas that we finally got, and my girlfriend absolutely loved it! Also, just to let you know, some of the people who also saw it hanging up really admired the work, so all in all a very positive experience.
  • Using the site was quite problem attaching my artwork. Upon receipt of 2 different pieces of work, I am very satisfied with the quality of both. It did take a bit of time to receive the work, but easily 75% of that was on the delivery companies used. I am in Dallas, Texas...I tracked my packages to their initial delivery from the UK to the US...took nearly 3 wks to get to me once on American soil. Again, in no way the fault of MeZoo. I would definitely use this company again.


Essential Information - Please Read

How do I design and order a MyCollage print?

In order to redeem your voucher and place your order, please follow the following instructions:

Start by clicking this link: & Click Start now

Click “upload” and then a pop-up of the Collage App will appear. If you wish to use photos from your Facebook/Instagram account, please click “log in” on the top right-hand side of the pop-up. Alternatively, click “Choose photos and upload” to get photos from your computer.If you wish to upload more than 25 images, it is easiest to just click “login with Facebook” – this is one click, and will upgrade you to be able to upload 75 photos.

If you wish to stop your photos from duplicating, click “sizing” then change the number of photos to the amount of photos that you have uploaded.

Once you have finished uploading your collage, click “done” and your designed image will appear as the product image.

Select the size that you bought. If you wanted that with no extras, please be sure to

Select the standard frame in black or white, choose the economy canvas, and say “no thanks” to the protective lacquer.

Once you have selected your options, click “add to shopping bag”.

Apply your voucher to the order. Please note, that only one voucher can be used at a time.

Register, add your address, and then complete the checkout as usual.

Complete the PayPal payment method, and confirm.

Please note, you are able to use your voucher code on any of our other apps.

Essential Information

Can I change my order?

Yes, it is possible to change your order as long as it has not already been processed and your print has been produced.

If you e-mail us straight away, we can normally accommodate a mistaken order. Please, email us at including the following information:

Order number
Order receipt
Requested change
E-mail address that the order was placed under
Date of order.
We will look into whether it is possible to make any changes for you.


I am having problems using my phone.

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties using our site on your phone!

We are currently working hard to ensure that our site works on as many devices as possible, however, the full site functionality does not work completely on some mobiles.

We recommend using a computer to complete your order, using Google Chrome as the internet browser as this tends to work best.


Can I edit my print once it has been saved?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to go back and edit your image once it has saved – there is no going back.

If you are unhappy with your design, you will need to start again.

Sorry about that!


I have placed my order, how long will it take to arrive?

Typically, our orders take up to 7 working days to dispatch. After all, the product is hand-made with love from our HQ in Leicester, UK! From there, UK orders tend to be delivered between 2-9 days after that, and international orders may take up to 14 working days to be received. You will receive a tracking link to your email address once your order has been dispatch. However, please bear in mind that it is a part-tracked service.


Help, my print arrived damaged! What can I do?

I am sorry that your order arrived damaged. As much as we try to make sure that they are safe in transit (and most of the time, they are), sometimes the couriers do not take such care with these orders.

Please, could you send us an email to our customer service team, and include the following information:

A photo showing the damage
Your order number
The email address that the order was placed under
Your full name
Once we have received this, we will be able to send a replacement out as soon as possible.


I am not happy with the quality of my print. What can I do?

If you are not happy with the quality of the print, please, take a photo to illustrate and send it to us, alongside an explanation of the problem. With that, we will be able to open up an investigation with the production team and assess what caused the issue with quality.

We are able to arrange a reprint for you as soon as possible, or alternatively, if you wished to receive a refund, you can find information on how to get a refund for your Groupon voucher here:


I saved my image, now I cannot find it.

We cannot retrieve your image from our end.

If you have checked everywhere in your account and it is not there, it is likely that this was not saved correctly.

I know this may be extremely frustrating after spending so long creating your next masterpiece but we just can’t find a way to ensure that every computer everywhere will work 100% of the time.

Sorry, but you will have to start again (hopefully you will at least now know what you are looking to achieve and the process will be quicker this time).

We recommend uploading photos using Google Chrome from a computer, as this tends to work best.


Can I use more than one voucher at a time?

So, you have purchased more than one voucher?

Unfortunately, our systems recognise every voucher as a separate order, so it is not possible to use more than one voucher at once. This means there must be one voucher per transaction.

Multiple orders must be processed separately.


Do you ship to my country?

We currently ship to almost every country in the world. If you would like to double check if we deliver to your country, please do not hesitate in sending us an email.

Shipping to countries outside of mainland UK will cost £7.95 for standard delivery.


I want specific colours for my Pop Art, how can I change them?

It is possible to choose specific colours for your Pop Art. Once you have uploaded your picture, when the editor loads, you will see a list of colours down the right-hand side, with checkboxes to the left of them.

Click an individual colour box.
The colour will select, and appear in a box slightly above the list of colours, with a colour picker next to it. Click on this box.
Select the exact hue that you would like.
Click the green tick button to save your colour.
Continue to do this with the colours that you would like.
Once you have the colours that you would like, click “refresh”, just above the word “width”


I didn’t use my voucher code in time. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear that you have missed the deadline for your voucher. We understand that we all have a lot going on these days and it’s easy to miss something like this, so don’t worry!

We will happily extend your voucher code, however, please note that due to Groupon regulations, we can only extend a voucher for an additional 24 hours and within 5 days of the expiry date.


Frequently asked questions

In this section, we will address our most common frequently asked questions.

Most issues that we receive related to the apps are either due to taking too long to design your art, or using an outdated internet browser. You can resolve all issues of this sort by designing your art within five minutes of uploading, and also by using Google Chrome or Firefox from a desktop computer/laptop.


My picture does not upload correctly.

If you are experiencing difficulties uploading your picture, it could be one of a few reasons. Please ensure the following:

Your photo is between 400kb and 1.2mb in size.
Your image is cropped to a square before uploading.
You are using Google Chrome as a browser.
You are uploading your image from your computer.
You designed your image within five minutes before proceeding to checkout.
I get an error at checkout e.g. file could not be copied.

In this circumstance, we recommend clearing the cache, trying again from an incognito browser or using another machine.

I am prompted to pay using PayPal however I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay by card?

Unfortunately not. We currently only offer PayPal as the only payment method.

It used to be possible to pay without the creation of a PayPal account by using PayPal express, however, they have recently changed their policy, and now it is compulsory to make a PayPal account.

You will need to create a PayPal account. Once you have made one, you will be able to select which card you would like to pay with.

My code doesn’t work.

Please input the voucher code exactly as it appears on the voucher, ensuring that it is the redemption code that you are inserting and not the security code. For more information regarding this, please see:

There is no ‘buy’ button.

This issue can occur if you are using an outdated browser. Please try again using Google Chrome or an alternative updated browser or machine

I can’t seem to use more than one voucher.

It is not possible to use more than one voucher per transaction. It is strictly one voucher per order. You will need to place two individual orders if you wish to redeem more than one voucher.

It says that my voucher has already been redeemed.

It is likely that you have already placed the order accidentally. Go to “my account” and you will find your pending order there with a link to pay.

I can’t register an account as the password box is missing.

Please create your account at the end of the order. So create your art, add to basket and checkout as normal.


  • Ordered some prints through groupon and even if the delivery has taken some time, I was really happy with the print when I got it. When contacting the company the feedback has been fast and service great!
  • I appreciated 2 things about my recent order from MeZoo: 1) THE PRODUCT ITSELF. The photo (an Andy Warhol treatment of my dog's face) is so cute. I have it hanging in a place of honor in my home. It is very professionally done, nicely framed, and has great colors. 2) THE PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I order things on line all the time, but rarely do I get the kind of personal response I received from MeZoo courtesy of Alex and Rae. I was talking to a REAL PERSON!! If you've ever been stuck on an automated website that is apparently not monitored by a human being, you can appreciate how refreshing it was to get a quick response from a real person! A polite real person! A helpful real person! I will definitely use MeZoo again.
  • So pleased with the six canvases I ordered, they make my poor photography look good! One of my canvases did not arrive but Zak sorted it out for me and sent a replacement free of charge. Thankyou so much Mezoo
  • We received our custom artwork on Friday & are really happy with it. They have been great to work with - the designer was happy to make as many alterations as we needed and really added a personal touch. It took a little longer than anticipated, but well worth the wait. A quality product too, we will be spreading the good news! Vince
  • Great service! Left my reduction voucher until the last day and it didn't work....sent a message to them, got an answer right away and the voucher was extended for 4 days. I made my order and am waiting for it to arrive. Thanks a lot! I recommend Mezoo
  • I used a groupon voucher for a printed and framed canvas. i went for the added extra of better quality paper and "protect my art" finish. initially i could not open the website but managed to make it work in google chrome. The product arrived in good time, and i was very happy with it. i don't think i would have wanted to pay the full price for this product, but with the groupon voucher i thought it was a really good deal and great value for money.