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    Mezoo V2.0 Website Update: May 2014

    You asked for it, we gave it to you.  Better help & more information on what you need to know. FAQs, product pages, comprehensive FAQs at checkout. And a new knowledge base so you can find an answer to your question easily:   Comprehensive help with the apps. giving you as a user a much closer look into how … Continue reading...

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    Tutorial: How to use the photo editing app.

    You can start by going on ‘Start designing’ then choosing if you would like a ‘giclee’ print or a ‘canvas’ print. Once you have that figured out click ‘Start now’. After you have made your choice, you will be asked some options, if you would like a ‘Framed’ or ‘Paper’, and If you would like to ‘Lacquer’ your art. When you … Continue reading...

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    Tutorial On The Warhol App

    Firstly, Let’s start with ‘Spacing (%)’. The bigger the number, the more space is between the images and the lower the number the less space there is. Here is an example of zero space: The higher the number the more you can see the original image, then the lower the number the less you will see the image. Here is … Continue reading...

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    Images Made With The Lichtenstein App

    This app inspired by Roy Lichtenstein uses Ben-Day dots which Lichtenstein enlarged and exaggerated them in many of his paintings and sculptures. The examples below have been created using the app. As you can see it gives a beautiful and colourful effect that would look great hanging in your living room. Original Photo:

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    Tutorial on the Lichtenstein App

    Our brand new Lichtenstein App uses advanced algorithms to recreate the techniques employed by Roy Lichtenstein. First, it overexposes the image to create a simplified version of the image. Then it breaks these tones down into layers & applies advanced image rendering techniques to create the design “on the fly” – or in real time. We have been in the art … Continue reading...